Ways To Serve

What would be possible for people in your life if they were blessed with the Unity of Sacramento experience? How many ways are you willing to get involved and serve at Unity of Sacramento?

We invite you to join us in growing our beloved community through your love and dedication. The Big GIVE is our new service and growth initiative, designed to move us into action as a force for good! Use our Big GIVE guide to select all of the ways you can help us GROW through your service. Next, fill out your 2020 iServe pledge card and turn it in. Plan to join us for our iServe reception & training! We will contact you as special opportunities to serve arise. Every 5th Sunday we will celebrate the progress of our "Big GIVERS".

To pledge your time, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

You're invited to participate in one or all the following ways we will serve during 2020:


Become a Unity of Sacramento Member

Take our Unity 101 course and participate in Spiritual Baptism with either Rev. Kev or Rev. Eric. Unity 101 is offered monthly. Sign up at the front desk!

Invite a Guest

Invite your guest to either our Breathing Space Meditation Service, our Contemporary Sunday Service or both! Have your guest fill out a connection card located in the back of the chairs or the Welcome Center

Download the Unity of Sacramento App

Downloading the Unity of Sacramento App on your smartphone or tablet helps us keep you posted on all that goes on at Unity of Sacramento. It is also a great way to share with others. We’ll show you how.


Auto-tithing is a simple and worry-free way to donate to Unity of Sacramento. Simply fill out an auto-tithe form from the Welcome Center and drop it in the God Box, or set up a recurring gift through the Unity of Sacramento App. Rev. E will help you.

Host or Participate in a Spirit Group

Our Spirit Groups are a great way to deepen your relationship with God and with others as learn, serve and grow.

Volunteer for Special Events

Concerts, fundraisers and special guest events always require extra assistance. Let us know we can count on you to volunteer!

Become a Social Media Embassador

Promote and share Unity of Sacramento events and activities on social media platforms, on our Facebook fan page, and through the Unity of Sacramento app weekly.

Become a Livestream Chat Host

Interact with and engage our online “Livestreamers" during our Sunday services.

Become a Unity of Sacramento Supplies Shopper

Support the staff by shopping for much needed supplies.

Host or Refer a Rental Event at Unity of Sacramento

With the International Peace Plaza and Conference Center now in operation, you can help bring events to the UoS campus! Contact our Rental Specialist, Anita Ross with your rental requests and referrals. Successful rental contracts will count as a BIG GIVE!

Participate in an iServe Training

Learn servant leadership skills that will equip you to be an effective Force for Good on the UoS campus as well as other areas of your life and livelihood!

Serve as a Greeter

Help out in the front lobby on Sundays by greeting congregants, visitors and guests as they come in to worship.

Join a Service Team

Ushers, Choir, Youth Team, A/V, Mail Team, The Green Team, Security, Data Entry and more. There are many ways to get involved.

Participate in Hands-On Unity Day

Help maintain our building and property while interacting with members of the Sacramento community.

Assist the Youth Team on Sundays

Invest in the future by being of service to the growth of our Youth & Family ministry.

Serve as a Hospitality Host

Setup and serve snacks and beverages on Sundays following the 10:30 service and special events.

Take a Unity of Sacramento Class, Seminar or Workshop

Register for any of our classes , seminars or workshops, then complete the course!

Coordinate a Service Event

This is an excellent way to increase your leadership skills. Assist Unity of Sacramento in the coordination of its volunteer activities!

Volunteer in the Community

Be a Force for Good In the world on behalf of UoS! Report your volunteer activities and service hours from other non-profit organizations. 

Sign Up to Travel to or Support "Mission Tanzania"

Travel to Tanzania with UoS this summer, where we will be in service in a variety of ways. There will also be opportunities for those not traveling to participate and support.

Albert Schweitzer once said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” We know this to be true at Unity of Sacramento. Volunteers are the glue that holds all the activities of this ministry in place. Unity of Sacramento blesses and appreciates the scores of community members who step into service every day to embrace and further the vision for our community. Your loving gifts and talents bless all of us in the UoS community. We are grateful for your loving partnership.


Yes! I will contribute hours toward Unity of Sacramento's goal of 10,000 hours of Sacred Service!

Ways in Which You Would Like to Serve (check all that apply) *

Ways in Which You Would Like to Serve (check all that apply)

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Service Team Options (check all that apply)

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Feel free to call Rev. Eric with any questions or comments: 916-368-3950

Thank you for volunteering your love, time and talent to Unity of Sacramento!