Sunday Services


Our church is one of the most loving spiritual centers in the world! Practitioners of all faiths, paths, and spiritualities are welcome here. People of all colors, classes, and creeds attend our services and participate in our activities. We reach out to the community through our spiritual message, volunteerism, service, and providing space for community improvement organizations. We are always expanding into greater service so that the Spirit of God can shine through us in the form of love, kindness, peace, prosperity, and human companionship.

Sunday Morning : 9:00 am - 10:00 am  

Breathing Space Weekly Meditation Service  A mix of Eastern and Western traditions rolled into one, the Breathing Space Weekly Meditation Service offer sing-a-longs, chants, consciousness raising meditations, readings and lessons based on our Daily Word! (The Daily Word is available for purchase in the Namaste Bookstore.) Our Breathing Space service will be a breath of fresh air that will leave souls uplifted and awakened to our eternal connection with the Sacred Source.  This service is perfect for those who prefer an earlier service, and for those seeking a universal, interfaith spiritual experience along with great Unity teachings. Regular attendees of our Contemporary 10:30 am service are more than welcome to come early and join the 9:00 am service for a deeper meditation experience before worshiping at the 10:30 Contemporary service.


Sunday Morning : 10:30 am - 12:00 noon  

Contemporary Celebration Service (Fly High) Held in our International Sanctuary Auditorium, this ninety minute soul-stirring, high energy, worship celebration incorporates our live 5 piece band, known as Chakra.  The music in this service ranges from gospel, original inspirational spiritual ballads to heart opening solos and festive chants and praise songs.  It is not usual in this service to find liturgical dancers, a soulful meditation, clapping and sometimes reverent silence. Rev. Kev delivers a high energy, interactive, thought-provoking, Spirit-filled but practical Life Lesson that you can apply immediately to your week.