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Welcome to Unity of Sacramento!

Our church is one of the most loving spiritual centers in the world! Practitioners of all faiths, paths, and spiritualities are welcome here. People of all colors, classes, and creeds attend our services and participate in our activities. We reach out to the community through our spiritual message, volunteerism, service, and providing space for community improvement organizations. We are always expanding into greater service so that the Spirit of God can shine through us in the form of love, kindness, peace, prosperity, and human companionship.

The "Get Connected" section of the website is where you can find out more information about what is going on at our spiritual home. Our Announcements page is where you can find out about classes, events, workshops, or important notices. Our Communities of Practice page will inform you about the groups of people who meet here and share their knowledge, wisdom, and community outright with us. Our Volunteerism page is where you can find out ways to commit your time, talent, and treasure to Unity of Sacramento as well as find ways to expand your spiritual growth, service, and practice. Find out more about the Namaste Bookstore and Cafe here as well, such as what our Book of the Month is or what Bookstore Bonuses are coming in the near future!