Frequently Asked Questions

What are Unity of Sacramento’s Service Times?  (Pacific Time)

Sunday Morning : 9:00 am - 10:00 am  

Breathing Space Weekly Meditation Service 

A mix of Eastern and Western traditions rolled into one, the Breathing Space Weekly Meditation Service offer sing-a-longs, chants, consciousness raising meditations, readings and lessons based on our Daily Word! (The Daily Word is available for purchase in the Namaste Bookstore.) Our Breathing Space service will be a breath of fresh air that will leave souls uplifted and awakened to our eternal connection with the Sacred Source.  This service is perfect for those who prefer an earlier service, and for those seeking a universal, interfaith spiritual experience along with great Unity teachings. Regular attendees of our Contemporary 10:30 am service are more than welcome to come early and join the 9:00 am service for a deeper meditation experience before worshiping at the 10:30 Contemporary Celebration Service. 

Sunday Morning     10:30 am - 12:00 pm  Second Service
Contemporary Celebration Service (Fly High)
Held in our International Sanctuary Auditorium this ninety minute soul-stirring, high energy, worship celebration incorporates our live 5 piece band, known as Chakra.  The music in this service ranges from gospel, original inspirational spiritual ballads to heart opening solos and festive chants and praise songs.  It is not unususal in this service to find liturgial dancers, a soulful meditation, clapping and sometimes reverent silence. Rev. Kev delivers a high energy, interactive, thought-provoking, Spirit-filled but practical Life Lesson that you can apply immediately to your week.  

Does “Rev. Kev” speak at every service?

“Rev. Kev” speaks at both Sunday Services except when he is away on speaking engagements and international conferences. Rev. Kev himself selects guest speakers, Unity Ministers, or  New Thought affiliates who are renowned in their fields of expertise.

Are there services and programs for children during the adult services?

Yes, every Sunday children’s services are conducted for all ages including teens, as well as a nursery staffed by our volunteers.  Children’s programs presently run concurrently with our 11:00 a.m. service.

Are there any Unity communities outside of Sacramento? 

Yes there are nearly one thousand Unity Centers, churches, study groups and satellites worldwide.  Please visit for more details and to find a Center in your area.

Do I have to be an official member to attend Unity of Sacramento or to take classes and participate in special events and volunteer?

Unity of Sacramento does not require formal affiliation and is accessible to all individuals on equal terms. This applies to all aspects of taking classes, receiving pastoral care services, volunteering in outreach programs, and so on. The exception applies to those individuals who wish to become a licensed Unity teacher/spiritual counselor or minister and therefore must fulfill the requirements relative to these licensed ecclesiastical positions.  Furthermore, membership is required for those wishing to participate in voting and/or serving as an elected member of the Board of Trustees.

Is Unity of Sacramento a church, and do its members follow a mainstream religious teaching based on scripture?

Yes, Unity of Sacramento is not only a church.  We’re the most loving place on earth. In everyday parlance, “church” is associated with Christian denominations and their houses of worship.  Unity of Sacramento is much more than a traditional church but sees itself as a positive path for spiritual living.  We are a local and global trans-denominational spiritual “center”.  This terminology best describes the inclusiveness and diversity for which Unity of Sacramento is known and respected.
Unity of Sacramento embraces a Reality the world’s scriptures and sacred texts endeavor to describe, even as they acknowledge the impossibility of such a task. Some call it God, Great Spirit, Hashem, or Allah, while others simply prefer to leave it nameless.  Unity of Sacramento teaches that this Ultimate Reality is the Source of our life, that we are made in its image and likeness, which makes us co-creative participants in the three-dimensional world in which we live.
Through Unity of Sacramento’s teaching of the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality, individuals are taught the universal principles governing the cosmos and the practices by which one can apply them including meditation, affirmative prayer and sitting in the silence and sacred service. Many of these technologies have been practiced by spiritual seekers for thousands of years, teachings which to this present day are practical in meeting humanity’s challenges of 21st century living.  Unity of Sacramento’s teachings point the way to how an individual may cultivate their own unique relationship with the Ineffable and live from a place of conscious connection with the Essential Self while being a beneficial presence on the planet through selfless service and the giving of their unique gifts.
In Unity of Sacramento’s services and classes, we refer to the world’s scriptures and sacred texts, as well as the writings of ancient and contemporary mystics, teachers, sages, philosophers, pundits, scientists.

Is Unity of Sacramento Christian? And what about the Bible and Jesus?

Yes and no.
Yes, if you mean do we follow the example and teachings of Jesus-the-Christ. Yes, if you mean do we love God with all our minds, hearts, souls and strength and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  Yes, if you mean that we lead lives of devoted service, seeking to compassionately care for those who may be vunerable, marginalized, and in need of grace.  Yes, if you mean do we stand up in the public square for justice and fairness as did Jesus.
No, if by Christian you mean the acceptance of Jesus as the only savior and Christianity as the only path to God and eternal salvation.  We do not subscribe the "religion created about Jesus that is often exclusive and laced with highly restrictive dogma and and frequently overlooks Jesus and emphasizes "chuch doctrine", which for many has been the source of tremendous confusion and pain.
Unity of Sacramento teaches that Jesus was not the great exception, but rather the great example. Classically, Unity and those in the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality regards Jesus an enlightened being, one who attained Christ consciousness, or liberation from a sense of separation from the Source of all that is. Jesus, like Gautama The Buddha, are revered as way-showers, as exemplars of unconditional love, selfless service, and self-mastery.
The Bible is the source and chief reference-point for Rev. Kev’s services and Unity of Sacramento’s classes and it remains the cornerstone of the Unity teachings.   We apply a metaphysical interpretation to the Bible, not a literal interpretation.  To that end, we seek to find the practical inner-meaning of the Bible, as well as other ancient sacred writings and texts that have been handed down through the ages.  Like our co-founder Charles Fillmore, we are always in search for the universal spiritual principles found in the ancient wisdom of the Bible and other holy texts. The Bible that is primarily used by Rev. Kev is the New Revised Standard version.  He also references the Gnostic-inspired edition,  translated and interpreted from the original Aramaic, rather than the Greek translation used in traditional Christian churches such as the King James version or the Saint Gregory version used by the Catholic church.  

Can I still practice my Judaism/Christianity/Islam and become a member of Unity of Sacramento?

Absolutely. Many within the Unity of Sacramento community maintain their Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist faith, while others continue to practice the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, or other spiritual master teachers of past or present generations. As a result, mixed-tradition couples and families often find common ground at Unity of Sacramento without compromising other loyalties.  We believe that you do not have to abandon the faith tradition or belief system that has served you up to this point.  However, we encourage you to integrate the Unity principles into your life and we believe in so doing, you will naturally release any beliefs, habits, or traditions that no longer serve you at this point on your spiritual path.

How do I become Unity of Sacramento member? Does Unity of Sacramento proselytize, and are members expected to proselytize?

To inquire about membership you may visit our Membership & Guest Relations Table before or after any one of our Sunday or Wednesday services. Please also see the "Who Are We Section" of this website for more detail.

Is there a special protocol or etiquette I would be expected to follow during services? Is there a dress code?

Although Unity of Sacramento has no religious icons in its sanctuary, the space itself is considered sacred and the vibration within it holy. As with all temples, mosques, synagogues and churches, Unity of Sacramento expects that those attending services present themselves and conduct themselves with respect and reverence for the total environment and other individuals within the space. No food or beverages are permitted in the sanctuary, but water is fine. While there is no formal dress code, we encourage respect and reverence to inform individuals about what is appropriate.

Does Unity of Sacramento receive collections during services, and how does it support its administration?

As a non-profit 501 c (3) tax-exempt, philanthropic organization, Unity of Sacramento depends upon the generosity of its members, congregants and friends. We provide various vehicles for the giving of tithes, gifts, legacy giving and more to support our administration, ministries, departments and humanitarian local and global outreach services. Collections are received during our services, and you may learn about other tithing and giving opportunities by visiting the Donation page on this website.