You are invited to join our "Belong Circle!"The circle will run for  four consecutive weeks and will have a maximum of ten participants each week. This number allows time for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings each week. Although the circles will build on each other during the four weeks, you may join in at any time. Please call Unity of Sacramento at, 916 368-3950 to check availability. 

What is the Belong Movement?
The Belong Movement is an opportunity to meet the polarization and racial anxiety across our nation and state with a choice to bridge across race, faith and status so we may become a new people, where all belong. We believe the path forward begins with us choosing to belong to each other, and from this choice we will have the power to create the conditions that allows our families to thrive in a state that celebrates our diversity.

What is a Belong Circle?
A belong circle is an intentional gathering of 10 people to build relationships of trust, connect across our differences, vision together about what our communities should be and provide opportunities to turn this vision into reality by becoming a new people together through the sharing of story. We participate in self-reflection of how we consciously or unconsciously break (other), and who benefits when we break vs. bridge.

Sometime later this year or early 2020, PICO California, which is the organization that created this movement, will have another big symposium. All of you who have completed circles will be invited. We had over 400 people at the one in Oakland in March, and I can only imagine what this next one will be like! I'm super excited! Feel free to get online and search #buildbridgebelong. You'll find all kinds of posts on social media and the internet.

Event Date: 
Repeats every week every Sunday 4 times .
Sunday, July 28, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm