Sunday Services

9:00 AM in the Peace Chapel

If you enjoy the more traditional service and a quieter, gentler expression of the Spirit of God, then please join us in the Contemplative Service. Here we share in the classic hymns, the more reflective sermons, and provide a space for our early risers to greet the day with Divine Light glowing from the inside out.

10:15 AM in the Peace Chapel

Join us each Sunday at 10:15 am (immediately following the Contemplative Service) in the Peace Chapel for an in-depth, guided meditation experience with our trained prayer chaplains, Licensed Unity Teachers, and ministers. A sacred space, a gentle voice, soothing sounds, and the stillness awaits you each week, as you take further steps on your spiritual journey.

11:00 AM in the Sanctuary

Join us for the intense vibrations and high-energy spirituality in motion that is our contemporary service. With live music, singing, affirmative prayer, and dynamic sermons on the Living Word, this is a Sunday service not one to be missed! This is the time to stoke your inner spark by sharing in the light everyone brings.


Our trained prayer chaplains participated in extensive training to become “Consciousness on Demand.”  They are available after Sunday services free of charge to support you with your prayer needs or at other times by appointment and as assigned.


Did you have an Aha! moment during one of our services, or do you really want to hear one of our messages again so that you can reflect on it more? Well, you can! All of our 11 o’clock services are professionally recorded and burned on CDs. To get your own, place an order at the Namaste Bookstore & Cafe during their hours of operation or immediately following services on Sunday. They can be a gift for others or they can be a gift to yourself, reliving the sermons, the music, and the magic of the moment at any time.